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Tuition and Fees
The Most Affordable Private School Education in New England


Our goal at Bethlehem Christian School has always been to make private Christian schooling affordable for every family.  We are well aware that salaries and incomes in the North Country often do not match those of the larger cities or even the southern part of our state.  We are also very sensitive to the demands of the current economic situation in our country.  To that end, our tuition rates are considerably less (about 1/3) than most of the private schools in northern New England.  Bethlehem Christian School has always been a non-profit organization, and is largely supported by its parent church, Bethlehem Christian Center. 

Basis tuition rates are as follows:

          Monthly tuition (10 months each year)   -      $200

          Monthly curriculum (varies per student) -        $30

There are occasional additional fees for expenses such as field trips, merit awards, and other related items.  These do not occur every month, and are usually $25 or less.

Full accredidation is available for high school students through Accelerated Christian Education for an annual fee of $200.

High schoolers will attend the week-long Regional Student Convention held somewhere in New York or New England.  Expenses required for this trip are usually around $200, and are often earned by the students through bake sales.

Some consideration may be available based on income and single parent status.  For specific information, please contact Dr. Barbara Palmer.